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Wed Oct 6 11:30:58 EDT 2010

as mentioned on this list, with 4.5 you need to reset the default user
folder in the IDE settings. Your original prefs for this are not reset and
Rev does not always create folders. It does not have to be named "My
Whatever" but the directory name needs to be set.

On 6 October 2010 09:27, <DunbarX at> wrote:

> LiveCode did not make a new plug-ins folder, it seems to use the old Rev
> one.
> I have a few of these in the old Rev plug-ins folder, which did some stuff
> on startup. They no longer show up in the "plug-ins" submenu of the
> "Development" menu (in liveCode) even though they are still in that folder.
> So why can't LiveCode see mine, but does see the several default ones?
> Thanks.
> Craig Newman
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