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Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed Oct 6 08:58:48 EDT 2010


I've fought with this before. Its a real pain in the butt. Did things like
setup the browser stack as a float on top stack that was docked with the
stack behind.  Then I could do stuff with the back stack and have the front
respond. Never did work very well.

Ended up doing as you suggested, using the resizer from the library, dumped
the stock decorations etc, and since it was a video player window that I
wished to be able to go in and out of fullscreen while playing a streaming
vid in the browser, I ended up having a 2nd stack that existed for the sole
purpose of going into and out of fullscreen behind the browser window to
obscure the menu bar and dock. libKiosk worked pretty good for this too.

Hoping when/if the externals go public that problems like this will poof and
go away.

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 6:37 AM, Klaus on-rev <klaus at> wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> > This happens because the revbrowser instance is linked to a specific
> > windowid and certain things change that id. As you mentioned changing the
> > resizable, going fullscreen, and if I recall correctly, changing the
> window
> > decorations all change the windowid.  Haven't tried it but changing
> window
> > mode will probably do this also.
> >
> > This is something that I too hope will be changed/fixed? Though i'm not
> sure
> > if it should be a bug report or a feature request.
> whatever, I marked it as "Blocker"
> A workaround ist to make the stack NOT resizable and use the "Mac Style
> Stack Resizer"
> from the object lib or make your own :-)
> > Where is your report, i'll vote for it.
> Ah, sorry, here it is:
> <>
> Best
> Klaus
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