sorting html text with arrays

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Wed Oct 6 06:55:15 EDT 2010

Use the form

sort myContainer by mySortFuction(each, myContainer)
-- specify text, numeric, ascending, descending

function mySortFunction singleLineOfList, wholeList
    --apply as many rules as you wish
    --filter as many times as you wish
    --build as many arrays or tables as you wish
    return (a value to sort by)
end mySortFunction

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On Oct 5, 2010, at 8:46 PM, Mark Swindell wrote:

> Excellent question, and one I only thought of after posting mine!   
> There would need to be a series of precedence rules, and I don't  
> know them.
> But to simplify, let's say you had unique examples of styled tex,  
> and t that you wanted to maintain their styles.  For example, in  
> this mini-dictionary I've got 26 (almost) unique headings:  A B C  
> D... etc. bold, larger font, underlined.  I want them to maintain  
> their integrity while adding in a batch of new words.  Would it be  
> possible to sort while leaving alone the htmlText characteristics of  
> first instance items in a field such as this?
> Mark
> On Oct 5, 2010, at 4:09 PM, Dick Kriesel wrote:
>> Hi, Mark.  What are the rules for handling words that appear with  
>> more than
>> one style?
>> -- Dick 
>> On 10/5/10 11:40 AM, "Mark Swindell" <mdswindell at> wrote:
>>> I'm using the following script to create a glossary/word list of  
>>> all words
>>> appearing in a songbook I'm making in Apple's Pages word processor  
>>> (over 2,000
>>> unique words).   (Thanks to Phil Davis for his help with arrays.)
>>> What I am wondering is if the formatted text can be retained in a  
>>> case like
>>> this, and how.  My attempts so far have failed, as the htmlText  
>>> tags are
>>> included in the sort... not what I want.)  I'd like to be able to  
>>> paste in
>>> from the word processor and do the sort while maintaining  
>>> formatting (bold,
>>> font, font size), and then be able to take that result and copy  
>>> and paste it
>>> back into the word processor.
>>> Am I asking too much?
>>> Thanks
>>> Mark
>>> on mouseUp
>>>  repeat for each word tWord in tStripEm
>>>       add 1 to aWordCounts[tWord]
>>>  end repeat
>>>  put the keys of aWordCounts into tList
>>>  sort lines of tList
>>>  put tList into field "sorted3"
>>> end mouseUp_______________________________________________

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