[OT} is WebP going anywhere, and if it is how will LiveCode cope with it?

Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Mon Oct 4 12:20:10 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Am 04.10.2010 um 18:15 schrieb Ian Wood:

> WepP doesn't really offer anything over JPEG, I honestly can't see any reason for it to take off.
> File sizes can be slightly smaller, but it has the same bit depth, *smaller* pixel dimension limits, doesn't appear to include a progressive download spec like JPEG, doesn't include an alpha layer for transparency like PNGs etc. etc.
> Ian
> On 4 Oct 2010, at 17:04, Richmond wrote:
>> http://code.google.com/speed/webp/download.html
>> Is this just Google trying to extend its imperialistic influence
>> even further, or is this s serious competitor up against
>> PNG and GIF?
>> Is RunRev/LiveCode going to be able to import and export WebP
>> in a future recension?

anyone remembers JPEG2000? Good quality and tiny file sizes.

If yes, when did you last encounter this file type?
OK, that may answer the question :-)



Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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