Storing an Array as a Custom Property

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On 10/2/10 6:25 PM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> Thanks David. Then that's what the property should be named in the
> Inspector and I wouldn't have had this problem.
> I'm sure that Richard's suggestion is a good one, but just that much
> more for us to learn. KISS!

The IDE offers two ways to view property labels in the inspector, as 
Richard was saying. One way is to provide a descriptive label, which is 
the default for all new installations. The descriptive label tries to 
tell more explicitly what the property acutally does, but is usually not 
a term you can use in a script. The other way to view the labels is by 
the actual LiveTalk property name that is used in scripts and which 
appears in the dictionary.

You can indeed make the property inspector show the actual property 
names, as you suggest. Do that by setting the very first preference in 
the General pane of the Preferences dialog to "Name of LiveTalk 
property". Then the inspector will do as you suggest above, and show the 
real names of the properties. Like Richard, I also tell all new 
scripters to turn off the descriptive terms and use the actual property 
names instead.

If you want to leave the inspector as you are used to with description 
showing instead of names, there is a second way to see the actual 
property name. You must have tooltips turned on for it to work (they are 
on by default.) Just hover your mouse over the property label in the 
inspector and the actual property name will appear in a tooltip. If you 
have reversed the preferences so that the actual name is in the label, 
the tooltip will display the descriptive term instead. In other words, 
tooltips will show whichever label you have not set as the default in 

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