An easy way to pipe input into shell commands?

David Bovill david at
Sat Oct 2 08:31:25 EDT 2010

Is there a neat way to pipe input into shell commands from STDIN? The usual
way I do it is to recreate everything as temporary files and then pass the
file references - however it is both a hassle and can leave clutter around
although I assume files stored in "the tempname" directory get cleared out
properly on all platforms (anyone - I've not tested this cross-platform?).

For smaller inputs (one liners) - you can construct a shell command which
pipes an echo command - like this:

put "echo 'Hello world!' | commandLineThatTakesSTDIN" into someShell
> put shell (someShell)

But is you have a lot of text in a variable, that you want to pipe to a
shell command this is not going to work - hence the need to write out to a
temporary file. I'm just wandering if there is a way to do something like
set the contents of STDIN from LiveCode, then just enter the shell command,
or if this could be some form of feature request?

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