Pullout menus disappear

FlexibleLearning admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Sat Oct 2 06:24:58 EDT 2010

If the mouse is moved into a pullout whose first item is disabled, the
pullout vanishes as soon as the mouse leaves the main menu and enters the
pulllout. Looks like mouse-tracking is flakey. It makes using a hierarchical
menu with the first item disabled rather difficult! And yes, I know such
menus are not now recommended, but it makes sense in this instance. Is this
a general bug, a bug with Windows XP, or just a bug with me?

Also, a disabled radiomark (i.e. using "!r(" in front of the item) displays
a disabled radiomark, as expected. However, a purportedly disabled checkmark
(i.e. using "!c(" in front of the item) displays an ENABLED checkmark. Bug?

Hugh Senior

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