Nine digit zip codes

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Tue Nov 30 17:11:10 EST 2010


I have also found this ability to feed addresses to Google Maps  
useful, but I normally do this in FileMaker. (I do a lot of database  
work around election time for local candidates. The Google maps come  
particularly handy in composing Walking Lists for volunteers.)

Using the template from Richard I have been able to work up a stack  
that allows one to batch process a list of addresses to obtain the 9  
digit zip codes. This is critical if one is doing bulk mailing--where  
the 9 digit zip is required. Parsing out the zip code is very easy.

These lists can be purchased but they are very expensive, running into  
the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

I have still been unable (even with Richard's help) to construct for  
myself the template that is to be POSTed to the US Postal Service web  
site. Pity--I'm sure this would be a useful thing to know for future  

I have placed the stack on Rev Online under the title:

        "Get 9 digit zip codes."

So now I have two stacks focusing on the digit nine;  "Nine ball pool"  
and "Get 9 digit zip code." My next foray into the digit nine will be  
a stack to retrieve 9 digit social security numbers. Now that will be  
particularly interesting.  :-)


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> FWIW, I have a handler that feeds the address to Google Maps and then
> parses the HTML to extract the 5-digit zip code. Takes less than a
> second unless the traffic is high. I'm pretty good at text parsing but
> know very little about XML and GET/POST commands -- I had to look
> around to find a webpage that I could post the address using straight
> HTML rather than Java or SQL or whatever, and Google Maps was it. Only
> a 5-digit zip, though.
> -- Peter
> Peter M. Brigham
> pmbrig at
> On Nov 27, 2010, at 12:53 PM, James Hurley wrote:
>> I sent this message a while back, but I suspect it got lost in the
>> RunRev-LiveCode changeover.
>> At the USPS web site ( it is possible by
>> entering the street address, the city and the state to obtain the 9
>> digit zip code for that address.
>> This may be naive, but is it possible to do this from within
>> LiveCode by script?
>> Jim

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