NativeGeometry 2.1.1

Damien Girard dgirard at
Tue Nov 30 12:05:34 EST 2010

Hi everybody,


I am pleased to announce you the release of NativeGeometry 2.1.1, this
release is mainly focused on the fix of the bug with objects placed on
multiple cards. Now it is working finely ;) 


You can update your NativeGeometry version with the NativeGeometry Web
Installer available at


NativeGeometry 2.1.1 brings also a new button in the About screen that
enables you to check if there is a NativeGeometry update and to  directly
download and install the update.



- Fix: NativeGeometry now handles correctly objects placed on multiple

- - Just after the "place group onto card...", select all objects of the
groups and click "Set object geometry" then OK. This will re-launch the
NativeGeometry compiler and it will detect that objects are on multiples

- Fix: Object placed on multiple cards obtains now the card rect and not the
stack rect.

- Fix: NativeGeometry will not "crash" anymore in standalone if a buggy
geometry relation is executed.

- Fix: The arrows in the advanced relation editor is now correctly resized.

- API documentation generated with  NativeDoc 1.6.

- Added the tutorial "My cross-platform NativeGeometry guide" in the help

- Added a button "Check NativeGeometry update" in the about screen.


Kind Regards,


Damien Girard

NativeSoft, France.

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