RTF documents as templates

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Nov 29 16:27:24 EST 2010


I see this is at the end of a long-ish conversation (and I've not read 
much of it :-)

So forgive me if this wild guess is way off track ....

The most likely cause of "some placeholders not being replaced" is that 
the relevant variable is mistyped or otherwise doesn't exist.  The 
effect of the double square brackets in a 'merge' string is to evaluate 
what's between the brackets as though it was Livecode script - and using 
a variable which doesn't exist simply evaluates to itself. So for instance

> put 1 into aaa
> put "[[aaa]] and [[bbb]]" into c
> put merge(c)
will result in the output

> 1 and bbb

i.e. it looks like the first placeholder was replaced and the second wasn't.

I hope that might be some help.

-- Alex.

On 29/11/2010 19:00, Andrew Kluthe wrote:
> I have been trying to implement the methods described in revUp's articles on
> the subject. The trouble that I am having is that some of the
> [[Placeholders]] don't get changed at all. Some are replaced and some are
> left as placeholders.
> I am getting so aggravated with not having a templatable reporting method
> for printing out Lease Contracts. The user needs to be able to customize the
> lease contract to fit their needs and my rev program fills out the variable
> data and spits it out as a pdf or word doc.
> I've looked into other reporting engines and the closest thing I found to
> what I need is Docmosis and it only interfaces with java. I wish it
> interfaced through a command line or that I had Java knowledge so I could
> build one.

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