file uploads and progress monitoring on on-rev(reposted )

Martin Koob mkoob at
Mon Nov 29 09:43:44 EST 2010

(I posted this to the wrong forum and am reposting it in the Revolution -
User forum.  Sorry for the duplication.)

I want to have a way of showing file upload progress on an on-rev page. 

I found a script for that on the on-rev forums by 'magix' that was supposed
to show upload progress that but when I tried it it did not work.

I think the reason is that it uses the variables $_SERVER["CONTENT_TYPE"]
and $_SERVER["CONTENT_LENGTH"] which I think are not supported in the irev
server.   There is a thread about this in the on-rev forums.

I have used Sarah's script for file uploads which does work for uploading
since it uses the $_POST_RAW variable.  However it does not show upload

One other thing I realized when trying to get the magix script to work is
that if you upload a file from a form on a web page any subsequent scripts
do not run until the upload is finished.   I read that if you want to run
other scripts concurrently you have to have them loaded in iframes.   

So is there a way to use Sarah's script to upload and have a way to check
the progress on the server side and then poll that with a small script
running in an iFrame? 


Is there a way to modify magix's script so that it would parse the
$_POST_RAW data and then pass that in where it uses 

I guess in short is there a way to mash these two scripts together or is
there another approach I should use? 

I noticed also that Revigniter has File Uploads as a to do item.

Any help on this would be appreciated. 

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