Nine digit zip codes

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Sat Nov 27 15:50:49 EST 2010

If you want to do it the 'right' way you might consider getting an API
key....then you can be sure it will continuously work - screen scraping may
fail if they change the website.

The  USPS appears to have extensive APIs available - looks like it talks

On 27 November 2010 09:53, James Hurley <jhurley0305 at> wrote:

> I sent this message a while back, but I suspect it got lost in the
> RunRev-LiveCode changeover.
> At the USPS web site ( it is possible by
> entering the street address, the city and the state to obtain the 9 digit
> zip code for that address.
> This may be naive, but is it possible to do this from within LiveCode by
> script?
> Jim
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