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>  I suspect that MySQL has this weird and confusing licensing scheme to fear
> people into buying the product. They even say so on their site: "To anyone in
> doubt, we recommend the commercial license. It is never wrong."

Exactly, here I agree with you. :-)

And even worse, somebody told me that mySQL AB did aggressive sues against
some mySQL users.

May be Oracle is a more kind company?  :-)
After they have pay billion (9 zeros, not million) of cache for mySQL...

May be somebody (as me) understand that they need now return that back.
And even get profit.

>> I have found that page.
>> quotes:
>>> Typical examples of MySQL distribution include:
>>> Selling software that requires customers to install MySQL themselves on
>>> their
>>> own machines.
> So we'd all need to pay Oracle for using RunRev (which does not work with
> MySQL databases unless one installs a version of MySQL somewhere)?

Don't ask me :)

I am not layer to give final answer. And I am not owner of mySQL.
My only point only is:

    * for non-GPL apps mySQL usage is under very confused licenses
        and comments. So claims it is so easy free can be very danger.

FOR EXAMPLE, google easy can show you such stories:

> We are building a commercial product that is using MySQL as the back-end. The
> product will not be open source (at least not initially).
> We have had a very hard time getting any costing information from MySQL, they
> seem to want a percentage of the list price of the product, but no clarity is
> given on what that percentage is.
> Has anyone sold a commercial product based on MySQL and successfully worked
> out a commercial arrangement with them? I'd be interested to hear your story
> and any numbers along with it.

> I just spoke with a MySQL sales rep the other day, and I agree it's hard to
> figure out their fee structure. The best I could understand, MySQL requires an
> OEM agreement in order to bundle MySQL into a commercial product. I was told
> that to get an OEM agreement, a company has to purchase an annual support
> contract from MySQL at ~$10,000/year

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