revMobile: backbutton graphic geometry

David Bovill david at
Fri Nov 26 07:26:14 EST 2010

On 26 November 2010 12:02, BNig <niggemann at> wrote:

I will try to improve on the "pixel perfect" though there are limits to
> this. Especially if you want to dynamically change the height and width.
> And
> one has to work around some 'anomalies' of the gradient with polygon
> graphics...

Yes - the geometry may be tricky for scaling - but it may be quite easy, as
the points will auto scale with the height and width scaled correctly. I'd
be happy to add this as it is the sort of thing I do a lot of - it would be
good to start with the right geometry for the base case first though. There
are only two real navigation bar heights I think that are used in any case.

> Could you please specify what should be more pixel perfect?
> I guess that the dividing line is not exactly at the tip of the pointing
> triangle?

By "dividing line" I guess yo mean the horizontal position of the tip of the
pointing triangle, and the main ramp in the gradient? Yes that is a bit
high, the triangle is not symmetrical, and the places where it meets the to
an bottom of the border are not rounded and a bit points? This is the main

It would also be good to know what the official default system fonts are,
and the heights for the various elements:

So far apart form the basic screen dimensions, I have (for iPhone):

   - status bar = 20 pixels
   - Keyboard 216 pixels
   - Navigation bars (I think) = 44 pixels
   - minimum touch area = 44 x 44 pixels
   - Url text field (ie navbar + title above) = 60 pixels

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