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>> <rant> Can I please have my old relational database model
>> back? Can I please have Visual Foxpro? Or 4D? Or ANYTHING
>> ELSE but this unwieldy, blood sucking, "the more money you
>> make the more you have to give us" kind of database model we
>> call SQL? We've been sold out, lads! SOLD OUT!!! </rant>
> Business models are usually the product of competitors colliding against
> each other until, like stones on a beach, they start to resemble each other.
> Some are truly baffling.

:-) just  for info ... Lets image we take coffee and have a talk :-)

I'd like to express an idea that have come to my mind few weeks ago
about what was wrong in idea of open source software and free software.

* at first let me note, that on THIS list live developers, which have spend
money for LiveCode IDE at least.  May be for MAC OS X also ...
This is good.

* Exactly on this list some very smart guy have express point few years ago:
    it was a WRONG IDEA to start game with Free Software
    in the way as it is now BECAUSE:
     Software Industry self decide to be kamikaze and do free gifts to
     any other industries (cars, food, ships, planes, ... ).

Really, can you -- ship your project for free as GPL, open its sources,
then go to a car shop and ask for a free car? Nope?  Strange?    :-)

*** Let me remind, that guy which have invent idea of open source
software/license  and later Free Software  have express idea like this:

    in science all new ideas become open.
    Everybody can reuse them.

    So in the software we should do the same.
        e.g. somebody have write new cool algorithm,
        everybody should be able use it.

Okay, almost right ... But IMO almost...

I think fundamental mistake was that should be added words:
    Only other __software__ company can reuse that sources,
    products, algorithms.

    But a plant, a food factory, a car shop should still pay for software.

    In other words, if a Ship Plant want to use Postgre -- it should pay
    to developers of Postgre.

    Anyway Postgre team is paid. But in other channels.
    Right?  Then why to play this games with hidden payments?
    Also it is clear that TEAM is paid now much less comparing
    to possible sales of Postgre. Somebody have stolen their profit.
    who?  Other industries guys. Other industries.
   Step by step was killed idea of big profit if you sale many copies.
   Never mind how popular is Postgre or SqlLite or Valentina.
   Developers tend to get middle-level salary.
Think about this guys. And not be in rush to say that I am stupid or not
understanding something :-)    Believe me I do ... And I see dynamic ...

I was very against of Free Software ideas yet in 90ths.
I have told that Software Industry on this way will expect:

A) reduce total amount of profit

B) therefore popularity of "software developer" profession will go down.
This means that less and talents will come to software industry. They will
go to other industries.

C) Open Source segment will grow and eat Commercial step by step ...
But ... Result will be painful for all ...  for software developers, for
software users.

When and if commercial software will die a lots ... The world will see that
open source is not so good ... Because e.g. not enough __control__ ...

And open source projects will start transformation into commercial.
This already happens. E.g. branches of Postgre, ACE and other projects.

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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