MySQL Server More Expensive than Valentina DB Server

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Wed Nov 24 13:34:43 EST 2010

Hi Bob,

> So let's say I have 5 concurrent users using an in house app, 
> that has Valentina Office Server as a backend. Now I want to 
> add 15 more users, because I am expanding access to offices 
> off site, but still part of the company. Do I have to pay 
> more for the extra users? If so, then d you take into account 
> the prior purchase of 5 users when upgrading? 

Valentina Server measures users by way of simultaneous connections rather
than any form of identity (an unfortunate comparision - think momma piggy
feeding her young, no reservations). That's why five connections usually
does it for a much larger office (ie 25-30 users), because you can manage in
your code how a user stays "connected".

Office Server is stepped from 5 connections up to Unlimited, so you can
upgrade the number of connections. We used to have very complex connections
handling for this, until customers came back all confused and told us what
their typical configurations were. So if you start with 5 connections, you
can upgrade Office Server to a higher limit.

BTW - with Valentina Developer Network, the 5 connection Embedded Server
allows for unlimited, royalty free distribution. So if you service the SMB
market, this allows you to basically not pay more after your initial VDN

> Also, let's say I already have an app fully developed for 
> mySQL and I want to migrate. Is the valentina SQL syntax 
> compliant with the standards that mySQL uses?

Valentina supports SQL 92 + most other bits that came later that weren't
proprietary, but more interesting I think is that your mySQL app is probably
built in PHP, right? We've mirrored our PHP support so that its possible to
do searches/replaces with the prefix for mySQL to "val_". So while Id still
test, it makes porting those PHP apps not so tedious.

Ive cc'd Ruslan on this, since he can explain it better than I can.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

Valentina SQL Server: The Ultra-fast, Royalty Free Database Server 

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