Strange Datagrid Column Problem

David Bovill david at
Wed Nov 24 11:39:17 EST 2010

Pete - I am not sure, as I have not had time to track this down myself, but
I think the issue may come up when the object does not exist - ie instead of
reporting an error it returns another control (ie in your case a field - my
guess is that this is something to do with the way the engine works out
references for behaviors - it is using "control id 1234 of ...", and there
is a wriggly little bug in there somewhere?

On 22 November 2010 18:03, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> Now the list is back, I can continue this discussion.
> I am using the syntax "of the long ID of me" in many places within datagrid
> column behavior scripts and this is the only place it has failed.  Even in
> the same script that the failure occurred in, there are other references
> to"the long ID of me" that work correctly (although not in connection withe
> button code that fails)
> And in other column behavior scripts I use "the long ID of me" when
> referrring to buttons in a column and all works fine.
> So maybe there is something different about the datagrid template card for
> this datagrid.  I will see if I can find aything.

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