How do you programmatically create an empty database?

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>> Actually, that's what I use most of the time, particularly the completely
>> free (open-source) MySQL server.
> Mark is probably aware of this already but just a heads up for those not
> familiar with MySQL licensing. MySQL is not necessarily free to use in your
> projects.
> Recently I spoke with an Oracle licensing rep as I was going to distribute a
> product that interfaced with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server based on what
> the customer already had installed. For my situation (application built in
> LiveCode, selling to customers)I was told that I must purchase licenses that
> I then resell to my customers. This is true even if the customer already has
> their own MySQL licenses. I have to sell them a license for use with my
> product. Also, you cannot buy single licenses from Oracle, you must buy in
> bulk. I ended up dropping MySQL as one of the database offerings because of
> the licensing terms.


This is one more real story about

    CALL to mySQL (Oracle now) to become aware and suprised
    how many thousands of $$$ will cost "free" mySQL for your project.

> I ended up recommending PostgreSQL for customers that didn't have any
> databases installed and those who already have SQL Server licenses use SQL
> Server.

Yes, the only really free licenses have for now SqlLite and Postgre.
It seems FireBird also.

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