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You are wrong. From the website: "MySQL Software is provided under the GPL License. OEMs, ISVs and VARs can purchase commercial licenses." This allows for many unpaid uses. Only if you intend to *sell* the MySQL software together with your product, you need to buy a license. I will not discuss this any further, though. I think such a discussion is useless and I will not reply to this thread anymore.

In reply to your other remarks: Yes, I had to work with Valentina and I am grateful for your support, Ruslan. Without you fixing a Valentina bug, we wouldn't have been able to get the job done. I did use the 10 minutes demo with Revolution, but I am quite familiar with databases already and knew what to do. I would recommend experimenting with a free open-source tool like MySQL or SQLite to anyone who hasn't made him/herself familiar with databases yet.

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How to receive a free Color Converter license (read the conditions)

On 24 nov 2010, at 06:51, Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
> First of all let me remind that open-source NOT means FREE.
> Right?  Everybody know this?
> MySQL very often is not free. You cannot developer commercial software for
> free with mySQL. You cannot develop even in-house app for your own company
> for free.  
> Read very careful their license.

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