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Hi Mark,

> Hi Jonathan,
> I would use an open-source database like SQLite or MySQL in combination with a
> good database editor. Actually, that's what I use most of the time,
> particularly the completely free (open-source) MySQL server. MySQL is a really
> good database that fits the needs of very large companies. As an editor, my
> favourite is My PHP Admin, but that's quite a personal choice.

First of all let me remind that open-source NOT means FREE.
Right?  Everybody know this?

MySQL very often is not free. You cannot developer commercial software for
free with mySQL. You cannot develop even in-house app for your own company
for free.  

Read very careful their license.

> Valentina works well and has great support, but the software is somehwat heavy
> to my taste and very expensive compared to the open-source solutions
> (obviously) and I agree that it is quite impossible to find out whether
> Valentina is the right tool in 10 minutes :-)

Have you try?    :-)


Mark, have you see my letter which points that Valentina Server in DEMO mode
works non stop 30 days?  And you can work with it from REV+V4REV ...

30 days of non stop is enough for you personally?  :-)

And if not you can take next 30 days non stop... In demo ...
And next 30 days ...

2) IMO this is not very true that 10 minutes is not enough.
I self did develop projects with Valentina engine very often without
serials. It is usually **more than enough** to do this loop:
        write some new code,
        click RUN, do testing of some
        window in few minutes,

3) Even more strong about 10 min. At our testimonials page

You can see this text from Dean DePue (see quote below). Note the second
paragraph about 10 min demo mode and speed of Valentina.

> Dean DePue of Panther Studio on Valentina COM
> We are using mostly VB.NET in the development of our products and have been
> integrating Valentina COM.
> VCOM is very powerful and lightning fast. It is just what we need. Even in the
> Demo mode, we can still load the database in that ten minute time frame with
> more than 100,000 records and sort and select on them with ease.
> We have a lot of experience with SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase, so we know
> what we are doing with relational databases. And Valentina offers the
> features, speed and robustness that we need in our products.
> VCOM is extremely fast! I love it! The difference from what I was using
> before, which was Access, is phenomenal!

Valentina really can insert 100K records in 3-4 seconds.
You need million?  Then okay 30-40 seconds only.

You need index them?  Again few seconds only.
You need search them?  Again only  0.xxxx of seconds.

10 min for Valentina is HUGE time period :-)

As somebody have told:
    Valentina is able to  finish job before others only going to start it.

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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