How do you programmatically create an empty database?

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On 11/24/10 12:19 AM, "Jonathan Lynch" <jonathandlynch at> wrote:

> Should I use SQLite for a database that is going to be used by multiple
> users on a shared drive?
> The ongoing thread regarding multiuser use of SQLite has me wary of doing
> so.
> Can I use mySQL in the same embedded style that I can use SQLite, or does it
> have to be installed on user's machines?

It have to be installed of course.

Also mySQL is not royalty free.

> My current thought is to set it up with Valentina (demo mode, 10 minute
> limit, etc...), then use the fully-working prototype to persuade my boss to
> buy a Valentina license.

> From everything I read about embedded Valentina, it seems like the way to
> go.

There is ONE BIG TIP with Valentina Server guys.
Let me repeat it here.

While a Valentina ADK in single user LOCAL mode give you 10 min per launch,
Valentina Server in demo mode give you the whole month non stop.

So you can easy download Valentina Server, then

A) Use Valentina Studio to connect to it, create db, draw diagrams,
        produce SQL dumps to get SQL scripts to create that db,
        use SQL Editor to develop and test your SQL queries
        use SQL Builder to develop SQL queries in visual way
        even design REPORTS in visual way like in MS Office ...

B) Use V4REV ADK to connect to that VSERVER from your APP,
And this APP will work for hours and days non stop the whole month.

C) the whole developer team can be around that VSERVER

1 day of the next month, you need just download new DEMO license and restart
vserver to be able again work the whole month.

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