Livecode icons, omages, stuff for websites?

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Mon Nov 22 11:36:45 EST 2010


Monday, November 22, 2010, 8:17:05 AM, you wrote:

> I'd like to see a copy of the app icon (green leaf thing) so I can put
> it into my About boxes along with the RR accredidation. If we're 
> supposed to use the LiveCode branding image instead I can do that, but
> the leaf is more compact and looks better at small sizes.

The license agreement (Appendix A) says:

"We would like you to include the RunRev logo, as per the terms set on
our website. However, unlike the Copyright notice above, you are not
required to include the logo."

Of course, I'm not sure *where* on the website further terms are
noted, nor where it might be possible to find said logo. All I could
find was this...

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