Cloning cards

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 18 11:26:19 EST 2010

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

 > I'll save this approach as a plan "B"; for now, I think, I'll
 > just create a brand new, expandable Main Stack that I can use
 > when the user needs to create new forms. I think I can probably
 > do this by just creating a dummy empty stack and, then, when I
 > need additional copies of a Form, instead of cloning that Form
 > in the sub-stack, I'll copy it, go to the dummy stack and paste
 > it. That may also make the sequencing of Forms easier. Your
 > suggestion, though I'm sure it is great, appears to be a bit too
 > complex for me at this time.

Whether you clone or copy, either is just a single line of code.

The long part of my post was a function to help with the thing either 
method will still need:  where to save the file in a place you know will 
be user-writable.

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