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Thu Nov 18 07:57:59 EST 2010

Hi Harald
I don't know if this works on iOS but In my app using Japanese and
English, I have two custom property sets that have the same elements,
each with names in their respective languages. The appropriate
property set is set on preopenstack of the mainstack based on a
preference setting.

on preopenstack
set the custompropertyset of wd "myapp" to whichlanguage
end preopenstack

under the custompropertyset I have a customproperty consisting of a
list of objects and their label/content

multit,Multiple Copies

then I read the customproperty and
split thelist by return and comma

 then on preopenstack of the main stack or any substacks I set the
object properties.

set the label of btn "synct" to thelist[synct]
set the text of fld "multicopyt" to thelist[multit]

you do not have to include a customproperty that is one long list, you
could make each label a separate cprop and call it like
set the label of btn "synct" to the synct of wd "myapp"

The important part is that you have a custompropertyset for each
language and then set that according to your user's preferences.


On Nov 18, 2010, at 7:15 PM, Harald Müller wrote:

Hello all,

while waiting for my first app to be reviewed I'm planning the next apps
and also think about a better multi-language support. I hope one of the
next versions of the iOS-Plugin will support language detection :)

In my first app (english/german) I used text files for labels and texts which
have to be shown in seperate languages. Not very elegant.

For the next version/app I'm think about building a function which extracts
all long IDs of objects in all stacks which have a custom property called
"localize" (for example), which I then will put into an array and save as a
file. So I would have a "database" of elements which have to be translated.
This data could be completed by translators (friends, myself) with different
languages. I would load this array while starting the app to set all
to the language which is choosen/detected.

How do you think about this way, any better ideas?

Best regards,
Harald Müller._______________________________________________
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