Why Does this Behavior Fail?

Web Admin Himalayan Academy katir at hindu.org
Wed Nov 17 21:54:37 EST 2010

  On 11/17/10 3:23 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> S-
> Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 5:07:10 PM, you wrote:
>> >  I love it... simple is better "who needs behaviors if you don't need
>> >  behaviors" (hehe, though I still would like to know why it did not work...)
> Memory's failing me here, but I think there was a thread recently
> about mouseWithin messages not getting passed properly to behavior
> objects...

Oh, sweet:

Jacqueline script  in the card had the effect of causing the field to go 
empty if you moved to any object that had no tip

so, following your "hunch" that "within" was failing I put this in the 
behavior button on the "off line" behaviors card:

on mouseEnter
   put the uHelpInfo of the target into tTip
   if tTip <> "" then
      set the htmltext of fld "prefsinfo" to tTip
      show fld "prefsInfo" with visual effect dissolve very fast
      show btn "closeHelp"
   end if

end mouseEnter

and it works now to simply  set the behavior of the objects on the prefs 
card. and this give better control

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