Is it possible to access or set individual pixels of an image?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Nov 17 15:09:02 EST 2010

Recently, Geoff Canyon Rev wrote:

> You should try to do all the updates as one: get the imagedata of the image,
> make whatever changes you need to, then set the imagedata of the image
> again. There are a few gotchas when setting the imagedata. Make sure the
> image is the right size. If you're setting a 10x20 pixel image, you need to
> supply exactly 800 bytes of data. That's 4 for each pixel. The first byte is
> 0, the next three are Red, Green and Blue.

No doubt, there are more efficient ways to do it -- am just trying to show
what's possible.  You're the man when it comes to efficiency Geoff!


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