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I haven't used LC for the APPLE desktop store yet but I am developing a few applications for the APP iOS store. In the APP iOS store application you can not spit out stacks as in 1. and although you could auto check for upgrades 3. you could not download them because Apple won't allow it except through the APP iOS store upgrade mechanism. I do list my homepage in my app and on the APP iOS store in iTunes.

I would assume that for the APPLE desktop store there will be some restrictions but not as tight as the APP iOS store. I haven't looked into it yet but I would think that the auto upgrade 3. will not be possible since by using the APPLE store your are agreeing to use their auto upgrade features. Not sure about the prefs or saving a stack out or the home page listing for an APPLE desktop store application.

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On Nov 16, 2010, at 11:06 PM, ron barber wrote:

> As a follow up to my earlier question _can_ we use LiveCode desktop to
> make desktop apps to be sold through the Apple store (Kevin's answer
> was a qualified 'yes') Is anyone _actually_ moving forward with an app
> for the Apple store?
> I have an app that I want to make available in the store but I'm
> worried that current set up may not meet Apple guidelines.
> If so could you comment on how you eliminated or modified the way you:
> 1. Save prefs: currently I spit out another stack from a customprop
> stored in the startupstack.
> 2. Listing your homepage in the About or Help menus or anywhere else.
> In other words, Are you providing a way for users to contact you in a
> way that Apple likes?
> 3. Auto checking upgrade options: currently my app checks a file on
> homepage on startup and informs users if there is a newer version.
> Any other parts of your application that you have modified to conform
> to Apple's (current) guidelines?
> Thanks for your suggestions...
> Ron
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