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Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Tue Nov 16 16:25:47 EST 2010

Hi Yves

I did the following which I think gives you the behaviour you want:

Create a stack with a scrolling field and a button.
Lock the text of the field so that it can respond to mouse clicks.

Put this in the script of the field (called Display)

global gEndFlag
on mouseup
   put true into gEndFlag
end mouseup

and put this in the script of the button

global gEndFlag

on mouseUp
   put false into gEndFlag
end mouseUp

command randomText
   if gEndFlag is False

-- your line of  text
      put any line of the weekdaynames into theText
      put theText&cr after fld "display"

      send randomText to me in 1 sec -- timing can be varied

   end if
end randomText

send in time effectively is your repeat
and allows other processes to continue
namely the ability to check when you have clicked in the field
which I don't think the repeat loop will allow since it is still running
when you click in the field.


On 16 November 2010 20:43, Yves COPPE <yvescoppe at> wrote:

> Hello list
> I have a script
> on doStuff
> end doStuff
> this script makes a fld appearing on the screen and writes different text
> in this fld in a repeat loop
> I'd like that a click in this fld stops the loop : exit repeat
> I don't find how to proceed
> can anyone explain me how ?
> thanks.
> Greetings.
> Yves COPPE
> yvescoppe at
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