Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Nov 16 13:04:18 EST 2010

I love how unconnected discussions come together!  I just downloaded  
stackrunner and it seems to solve all my issues regarding standalone  
startup banners/using test files versus live files.  I point it to my  
application .rev file and it runs it as if it were a standalone,  
opening the live application database instead of the test one, but  
with no banner of any sort.  The only downside is that the OSX menubar  
item for the aplication says StackRunner instead of my application's  

So while I'm a happy camper, this seems to completely circumvent  
Revoution's plan to strongly discourage commercial distribution of  
LiveCode Personal applications via the startup banner or am I missing  

Pete Haworth

On Nov 16, 2010, at 7:33 AM, Richmond wrote:

> On 11/16/2010 01:28 PM, Matthias Rebbe wrote:
>> Hi Joseba,
>> you could use Ken Ray´s stackrunner  instead
>> Regards,
>> Matthia
> Thanks: I have just downloaded all the versions of StackRunner (2.0  
> and 1.3) to add to my special
> RunRev resources external hard drive.
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