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Tue Nov 16 08:34:45 EST 2010

On 15/11/2010 23:31, "Alex Tweedly" <alex at> wrote:

>> (2) There is no way to distinguish your standalone running on your own
>> machine from your standalone running somewhere else. Any way to detect that
>> it is running on the same machine as the one used to develop the given
>> standalone will not be tamper proof. You can't trust any metric given by a
>> computer to identify itself. You can't trust MAC Addresses, HD Serial or CPU
>> Serial, all those can be spoofed.
> That's right, you can't have a reliable check for the machine. But what
> you can do, and I would argue you should do, is check for a valid IDE
> license. So the rule could be:
> a standalone built with Personal Edition will check whether the machine
> has a valid licensed copy of the IDE on it
> If there is no IDE, then you get the 10 second start-up screen.
> If there is a valid IDE, you get no start-up screen (or maybe a 1-second
> start-up)
> That way, anyone with the Personal Edition can build and run on (all)
> their own machines without being bothered.

We did consider this, but then you get into the position where the
standalone application behaves differently on your computer compared with
giving it away. We've always been wary of doing anything that might create
that difference, so that you are able to understand and test the complete
experience in your standalone. Also, iOS cannot have an IDE running on it so
we couldn't do that there.

I'm leaning towards shortening the banner time to 5 seconds.

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