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Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Nov 15 18:31:32 EST 2010

On 15/11/2010 20:37, Andre Garzia wrote:
> (2) There is no way to distinguish your standalone running on your own
> machine from your standalone running somewhere else. Any way to detect that
> it is running on the same machine as the one used to develop the given
> standalone will not be tamper proof. You can't trust any metric given by a
> computer to identify itself. You can't trust MAC Addresses, HD Serial or CPU
> Serial, all those can be spoofed.

That's right, you can't have a reliable check for the machine. But what 
you can do, and I would argue you should do, is check for a valid IDE 
license. So the rule could be:

a standalone built with Personal Edition will check whether the machine  
has a valid licensed copy of the IDE on it
If there is no IDE, then you get the 10 second start-up screen.
If there is a valid IDE, you get no start-up screen (or maybe a 1-second 

That way, anyone with the Personal Edition can build and run on (all) 
their own machines without being bothered.

-- Alex.

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