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Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Nov 15 15:37:50 EST 2010


It all boils down to two things:

(1) The personal edition has a splash screen that takes 10 seconds to vanish
and people are unhappy. This amount of time could be fixed to five or six
seconds to better suit the personal users. Even so, the personal edition
watermark/splash is not something secret and is there on the description, so
there is no surprise in it being present.

(2) There is no way to distinguish your standalone running on your own
machine from your standalone running somewhere else. Any way to detect that
it is running on the same machine as the one used to develop the given
standalone will not be tamper proof. You can't trust any metric given by a
computer to identify itself. You can't trust MAC Addresses, HD Serial or CPU
Serial, all those can be spoofed.

So due to the impossibility of solving (2), all software build with the
personal edition carries the splash screen as noted on the description and
there's nothing no one can do except change the duration of the screen (1).
I also think that 10 seconds splash screen is not unreasonable, I have
software here with splash screens that take up to 157 seconds to vanish
(Graphic Converter) and I am not mad at it. I know we live on times where
everything is instantaneous and any process that makes us wait fells
criminal to us. Waiting 10 secs is a small price to pay for a 99 USD

my opinion only


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