Reports and Formatted Text

Mike Arnold ma at
Mon Nov 15 09:41:11 EST 2010

(Note that I posted this to the forum, but no answer, perhaps its too RTFM)

I suppose I will be forever the beginner. I have done some pretty fun stuff with LiveCode lately, but have looked at this too long. 

I have developed a simple webpage that does time calculation for competitive carriage driving (yes, horses & carriages, talk about buggy whip makers!) Sometimes we compete where there is no internet connectivity or even cell phone connections. So, I'd like to make an app that run on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. The easiest way to explain it is to look a the website: ... select 'Set Default Speeds'->any of those and then for Section A distance: type in 6505, Section D type in 1 (it will convert to K) and Section E type in 7500 and <calculate>. (you can click on any of the options if you like)

The front page, I know how to do just fine in LiveCode, but how do I get the formatted text on the 'calculated' page?

I am sure its quite easy, as is almost everything in LiveCode.

thanks in advance,

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