Create button script won't work - why?

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Mon Nov 15 07:48:02 EST 2010

Hi Bantymom,

> I had similar problems with copy and paste, and discovered there really
> seemed no way to do it without being on the card. I could copy from another
> card, but I had to be on the card I wanted to paste to.
> So I use lock screen to go there in secret.
> Now, I'm a very unsophisticated and simple person, and it is quite likely I
> don't understand why you don't want to go to the actual card, unless you
> have an "on openCard" handler you don't want to run right at that moment.

you can avoid this by "locking the messages", see below...

> But unless that is the case, this seems to work (again, I realize that I
> have probably oversimplified the situation and this might not be of any use
> to you at all):
> on mouseUp
>   lock screen
lock messages
>   go to card "Two"
>   create button "Herb"
>   go to card "One"
>   unlock screen
unlock messages
> end mouseUp
> It is still five lines instead of one though, I'm afraid. I made a little
> stack but I don't think I can upload it here. It worked though.
> Humbly,
> Bantymom



Klaus Major
klaus at

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