Create button script won't work - why?

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sun Nov 14 20:22:51 EST 2010

Make a new stack called "Test" and label the card "One".

Put a button on the card with the following script:
on mouseUp
   create button "Fred" in card "One" of stack "Test"
end mouseUp

The compiler doesn't complain but when I click the button I get this error:
button "Button": execution error at line 2 (create: error in bad parent or background expression), char 1

The following script works:
on mouseUp
   put the defaultStack into vName -- note whatever the defaultStack is
   set the defaultStack to "Test"
   go to card "One"
   create button "Fred"
   set the defaultStack to vName -- reset the defaultStack to what it was before
end mouseUp

Is there a way to directly create a button on a particular card in a particular stack without going to it and doing all this? The stack I want to create the button into is data stack that never gets viewed directly. In this case it will be data in the custom property of that button.

Bill Vlahos
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