Bring window to front on desktop

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Sun Nov 14 11:57:30 EST 2010

On Mac I use this to bring the app to the front (but don't have an 
answer for windows):

put "tell application" && quote & "<application name>" & quote & cr & 
"activate" & cr & "end tell" into x
    do x as AppleScript

Marty Knapp
> Anyone solved how to bring a stack window to the top on the desktop after a
> file dragDrop?
> 1. drop files
> 2. bring stack window to top on desktop (ie. in front of the OS source drag
> window)
> 3. show a modal answer dlog
> 4. carry on
> What happens is that the source OS window can obscure the modal answer dlog
> so it looks as if the program has hung. Actually there is a window waiting
> to be clicked!
> Tried these before showing the modal:
> - Focus on/ go/ etc do not change the overall window layering.
> - Set the style to modeless, but the window runs through its openstack
> routine even with 'lock messages', and is still not layered on top anyway.
> - Temporarily setting the systemWindow of the stack to true works, but it
> then obscures the modal so user is locked out.
> I have looked in the archives for a Mac/Win solution and didn't find
> anything, except that others have had a problem also.
> MSWord does it, so it must be do-able (perhaps an external would be needed
> for LiveCode?).
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo
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