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Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Fri Nov 12 13:16:49 EST 2010


This was a hot topic some months ago here. There are many alternatives and
many users have rolled their own as well. Your first choice is:

(a) To use a standard VCS/SCM software such as Git, Mercurial, Darcs,
Bazaar, Svn, Fossil...

(b) Roll your own

If you go with letter (a) then you should notice that LiveCode stacks are
binary files and most of these systems are designed to use text files. So
while you can still use the versioning system as an archival system, your
"merge" operations will be troublesome since IIRC none of these software is
able to do binary merges or unknown file types.

I've used Mercurial with LiveCode and am quite happy with dumping binaries
into it since I don't do merges, I just want the ability to rollback if

If you decide to go with option (b) then you can do pretty much whatever you
want. Chipp Walters has a wonderful tool in the form of Magic Carpet. It is
available and it served me and Sivaktirswami well on our HTDE project. It is
a very good program and for simple needs (no merging, simple archival, no
branching) it solves the problem.

I know developers here have rolled their own import/export routines to
create textual formats of stacks to better use tools such as Git. I haven't
gone that far.


my two Brazilian Real cents

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