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Thu Nov 11 23:21:02 EST 2010

On Nov 11, 2010, at 6:15 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Peter Brigham MD wrote:
>> The saving of the time in a customProp is because I have scripted
>> things so the stack is automatically saved every 20 minutes, or at
>> whatever interval the user chooses in the preferences. That feature
>> was irrelevant to your question and I could have taken it out,
>> probably should have to avoid confusing you....
> HI Peter, I'm glad you didn't. While I won't need it in the current  
> project
> I'll archive it as i'm sure it will come in handy eventually.  
> However, rev
> does not seem to be an environment that supports something like a  
> "main
> event loop" so either you are checking the time from lots of different
> places or using some other technique? (can you set an "On every 10  
> mins
> do... handler?")

I have a "checkSave" handler triggered by any change of card or change  
of background or clicking of the "print" button. The handler checks to  
see how long since the last save and saves the stack if > 20 mins (or  
whatever, from the preferences). I had originally thought of using a  
timed loop, like:

send "doSave" to this stack in (uPrefSaveInterval * 60) seconds

but that way the save could happen in the middle of the user entering  
text, so I elected to trigger it by user actions that could be delayed  
by 1-2 seconds without annoying the user too much.

In general, the best way of having a "main event loop," as you called  
it, is to use the "sent in time" command -- see the "send entry in the  
dictionary. In this case, there would be a major disadvantage to doing  
it that way.

-- Peter

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