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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 11 08:21:29 EST 2010

ron barber wrote:

> I know about Apple's reversal of policy on the iPhone/pad and Rev's
> progress on providing a solution via LiveCode iOS to us to submit apps
> to that store. With the announcement of the upcoming App Store I was
> under the impression that applications made with LiveCode were also
> able to be submitted. However, in reading Apple's agreement it says
> "Your Application must ... use Xcode for bundling and submission."
> Perhaps I don't understand the meaning of this or I misunderstood that
> LiveCode apps could be submitted as is to the AppStore. Can someone
> clarify this for me please? Can we submit our LiveCode apps to Apple
> or not?

SDK 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 allowed LiveCode Mobile, 4.1 prohibited it, 
then 4.2 allowed it again.  Given that the bizarreness of the provenance 
clause in SDK license 4.1 was outdone only by removing it in 4.2 with no 
explanation as to why they came to feel it wasn't a smart thing to do, 
one can appreciate the confusion caused by such fickleness.

But fortunately Kevin reported here last month that the first 
LiveCode-based app has been accepted into the App Store:


So apparently this week's license terms do indeed allow LiveCode to be 
used for development, but I'll have to rely on others here to explain 
the mechanics of the "bundling and submission" process since I haven't 
yet deployed anything to iOS (though I have a project starting next week 
which will have me making an iPad app -- I hope for my client's sake 
that the SDK terms remain stable enough to allow a positive ROI on that 

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