Saving/importing custom controls to/from file

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Nov 9 07:51:47 EST 2010

Terry Judd wrote:

 > Seems like it might be a bit simpler if I can suck an object
 > straight out of a networked database onto the clipboard and paste
 > it when and where I want it. Easier to update/maintain and less
 > hassle than loading stacks, making sure the right stack has focus
 > and fiddling with object names and ids and the like.

   copy <objLongId> to <destObjLongId>

Takes any object from any stack and puts it where you want it, leaving 
the user's Clipboard intact.

 > There are undoubtedly some interesting implications for RevMobile!

Many uses - you can copy between standalones, for instance.  I copy 
between Rev and MC regularly since native object persistence in the 
public Clipboard was implemented.

But why especially useful for RevMobile?

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