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One "legal" factor you want to keep in mind is the number of concurrent playbacks per dvd.  The backup argument is only good as long as you have a DVD for each concurrent viewing of the movie.  E.g. 3 concurrent viewings = 3 DVDs.  

And all of this is in the realm of non-tested law.  I would get your school's attorney's approval (they should be willing to defend you if you are asked to cease and desist). 

Marc Siskin
On Nov 8, 2010, at 1:35 PM, Richmond wrote:

> My EFL school is slowly migrating from a mixed Mac and Ubuntu school to being
> a 100% Ubuntu school. However, for some reason which escapes me DVD playback
> on my Ubuntu boxes is, at best, "lumpy".
> Therefore I am proposing to make ISO images of all the DVDs that I own and use on
> a regular basis onto the hard disk of my main content delivery machine; I will always
> have the physical DVDs present in the classroom.
> This will allow my Ubuntu box to play my DVDs normally.
> Can anyone advise me as to the legality of this action?
> Morally I have no qualms whatever; without this process I would have to,
> either, purchase a TV and a DVD player, or, a Mac.
> sincerely, Richmond.
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