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Mark, I understand what you're saying, but when my application starts up it takes maybe 5 to 10 seconds to load data the user has previously saved or default data. I like to have a "simple" indication that something is happening. I suppose I could use the wristwatch, but nothing as complicated as a progress bar. Thanks for the input.

Joe Wilkins 
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> Joe,
> No, you don't, because people would start killing your application or pressing the power button on their computer until it restarts.
> What you really want is a decent interface with a circular progress indicator or a progress bar to indicate progress and the time needed to finish the task.
> Now, if you still want it, you can use a window shape and pictures of the beachball cursor. You can find those pictures on the internet using your favorite search machine.
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> On 8 nov 2010, at 16:46, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Instead of the b/w cursor "busy", I'd love to use the more colorful beachball. Anyone know how that is accomplished?
> > TIA 
> > Joe Wilkins

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