How do you program a save dialog when no changes in the file has been made?

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sun Nov 7 18:10:56 EST 2010

you need to set a flag, for example, if this would be in a text editor, i'd set a "dirty" flag on  rawkeydown of the main text entry field, and then when the stack  (window) is closed i'd check for that flag:

--in the field
on rawkeydown theKey
  set the dirty of me to true
  pass rawkeydown
end rawkeydown

--in the stack
on openstack
  set the dirty of field "text" to false
end openstack

on closestackrequest
  if the dirty of field "text" then
    -- do the save dialog here
    pass closestackrequest
  end if
end closestackrequest

note: this is a simplified example, and does not cover all real life possibilities

On 7 Nov 2010, at 23:46, charles61 wrote:

> I have code in my save menu that brings up a dialog for saving a file with
> "Don't Save", "Cancel" and "Save". After the user saves the file the first
> time, the code will automatically insert the name of the file into the
> dialog above when the user wants to save it again or get ready to open a new
> file. Any time the user gets ready to close the file or open a new file the
> dialog above (Don't Save, Cancel and Save) appears. How do I code it so that
> when the user does NOT make a change to the file (preserving the save file)
> the dialog of Don't Save, Cancel and Save will not appear and the file will
> go ahead close or a new file dialog will appear? 


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