Painfully slow performance (Trevor DeVore)

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Nov 7 13:53:46 EST 2010

Thanks for all the input.  I've pretty much ruled out SQLite as the  
cause of the problem because I'm using the same database in the IDE  
and the standalone so unless the standalone is using a different  
SQLite library than the IDE, there shouldn't be any difference in  
performance between the two.

Maybe it would help if I give a little more detail as to what is  
happening on the card.

The basic design of most of my cards involves a datagrid which  
displays summary information about selected table entries.  When the  
user clicks on a row in the datagrid, I get the single entry  
associated with that row from the SQLite table and load information  
from it into controls on the form.  I use naming conventions for the  
controls that allow the code to figure out which column in the table  
entry they are associated with.

The slow down in performance is directly related to the number of  
option buttons on the card - no option buttons, no slowdown.  For a  
card with several option buttons, when I click on a datagrid row in  
the IDE, the update of the controls on the card is instantaneous.   
When I do the same thing in the standalone, the update of the controls  
is painfully slow.  This is using exactly the same data from the same  

The code to handle option buttons simply executes a SELECT statement  
to get data from the database, a simple set statement to set the text  
of the control to the data from the SELECT statement and another  
statement to set the menuhistory of the control using the lineoffset  
function to locate the value of the column in the current table row to  
the text of the control.


Pete Haworth

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