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Sat Nov 6 17:53:04 EDT 2010

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Peter Haworth <pete at>wrote:

> I just built my first standalone with LiveCode 4.5 (on OSX) and I'm seeing
> painfully slow performance compared to the same application built with 4.0.
> I'm using an SQLite database to populate all the data on the cards in the
> app, not sure if there's some problem with the SQLite side of things.  Only
> other thing I can think of is that I am using several front scripts.
>  Opening a card used to be almost instantaneous, now it's taking 30-45
> seconds.  Bringing up the data for a different SQLite row used to be
> instantaneous, now takes 10 seconds or so.  This is consistant across all
> the cards that handle data fro any table in my SQLite database.
> The 4.0 standalone still works just fine using the same database.

I recall someone else having an issue with this and reporting it to RQCC but
I can't find the report now. I think the problem was that a field being
search on in the database was not indexed. For some reason there was a slow
down using the newer SQLite driver included with 4.5. Might be worth looking



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