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Thu Nov 4 12:30:13 EDT 2010

On 11/3/10 12:43 PM, William de Smet wrote:
> @Matthias and Mark: Thanks for your replies!
> I was looking for true kiosk mode so Marks advise using IE isn't the
> right thing for me.
> I need all keys to be blocked. Editing the registry seems the only way
> but it needs the computer to reboot.
> I need my app on startup to block these keys without rebooting the machine.
> After closing the app  the keys need to function again.
> Is this even possible?

Have you tried putting in a rawKeyDown handler that doesn't pass the 
message? That should block all keystrokes, and won't affect any other 
apps. You probably will need to add a way to enable the keyboard again 
while you are working on the stack, otherwise you won't be able to type 
anything. Something like this:

on rawKeyDown pKey
   if the environment is "development" then pass rawKeyDown
end rawKeyDown

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