plisted off ?

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Wed Nov 3 15:43:50 EDT 2010

Sarah has a nice plist editor:

toward the bottom.

Marty Knapp
> I just released a new version of the Demo of my upcoming Devawriter 
> Pro and got this back
> from the people at MacUpdate:
> "You recently submitted an update request in which you referred to the 
> latest version of DevaWriter Pro as simply "RC2", but according to the 
> version strings in the info.plist file, it is Is this a 
> release candidate for Version 4.0?  Please let me know so that I can 
> clarify this version number discrepancy."
> Umm . . .
> 1. Am I missing something? Having set the version number as 'R2' in 
> the standalone builder; why does
>     the info.plist contain the version number of the development IDE?
> 2. Is there a simple way to circumvent this? Short of cracking open 
> the Mac .app package and editing
>     the info.plist with a text editor?
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