plisted off ?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Nov 3 15:35:45 EDT 2010

I just released a new version of the Demo of my upcoming Devawriter Pro 
and got this back
from the people at MacUpdate:

"You recently submitted an update request in which you referred to the 
latest version of DevaWriter Pro as simply "RC2", but according to the 
version strings in the info.plist file, it is Is this a 
release candidate for Version 4.0?  Please let me know so that I can 
clarify this version number discrepancy."

Umm . . .

1. Am I missing something? Having set the version number as 'R2' in the 
standalone builder; why does
     the info.plist contain the version number of the development IDE?

2. Is there a simple way to circumvent this? Short of cracking open the 
Mac .app package and editing
     the info.plist with a text editor?

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