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Wed Nov 3 10:47:01 EDT 2010


I found that by checking the Find Command ignores box of the special marked card that I don't want the user to access using the marked command works! But this card has to be the last marked card in the stack to work.  

When the user is on the next to last marked card and clicks on a navigation button to go to next marked card, the button does nothing. But on other marked cards it works. So this keeps the user from accessing the special marked card using navigation buttons.

Charles Szasz
cszasz at

On Nov 3, 2010, at 9:48 AM, dunbarx [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> Do you always want to do this, to always go to the following marked card? 
> In other words, to always go to the second marked card during any navigation? 
> If so, why not just lock the screen, go to the next marked card, and then 
> go to the next marked card? 
> It seems like an odd way to get around, though. I am missing something. 
> Craig Newman 
> In a message dated 11/3/10 8:46:17 AM, [hidden email] writes: 
> > I have a project that uses marked cards to navigate them. Aside from 
> > unmarking a card, is there a way to skip a mark card when you are using a 
> > script (go to next marked card) to go to marked cards? 
> > 
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