Skipping a mark card

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Nov 3 10:06:47 EDT 2010

  'Skipping the difficult bits' is a well-documented sport, as well as 
'Jumping to conclusions'
and 'Running a temperature':'s_eye

So 'Skipping a marked card' is an extremely SHARP thing to do; mind you 
I don't
how much money I would plonk down on the table if I knew my opponent
was using marked cards . . .  :)

On 11/3/10 3:48 PM, DunbarX at wrote:
> Do you always want to do this, to always go to the following marked card?
> In other words, to always go to the second marked card during any navigation?
> If so, why not just lock the screen, go to the next marked card, and then
> go to the next marked card?
> It seems like an odd way to get around, though. I am missing something.
> Craig Newman
> In a message dated 11/3/10 8:46:17 AM, cszasz at writes:
>> I have a project that uses marked cards to navigate them. Aside from
>> unmarking a card, is there a way to skip a mark card when you are using a
>> script (go to next marked card) to go to marked cards?
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